6 Best Comma Splice Checker 2024 (for Students and Writers!)

Quality content entails a balance between the major and minor rules of writing. As tiny as a comma maybe, when used inappropriately, it waters down even the most excellent grammar in a text.

So how do you ensure your sentences are free of comma splices? A human editor or proofreader would do a good job. But automating the exercise gives even much better results.

With the availability of powerful and free tools such as Grammarly, as a student, you have no excuse for submitting your thesis with punctuation errors. Professionals, writers, and bloggers will also find comma splice checkers discussed below handy.

Best Comma Splice Checker of 2024:

1. Grammarly

Without a doubt, Grammarly is the best overall comma splice checker for both students and professionals.

After all the energy and time you have spent digging out content for your final year research paper, a comma error shouldn’t be the reason you miss the distinction mark. But if you ignore the power of Grammarly, it can. Imagine your paper read like this:

“…when diagnosed accurately various therapies and drugs can help, treatment needs to be begin early to prevent development of complications …”

 The examiner tires before reaching halfway. But the magic of Grammarly comma splice checker turns things your way with the phrase reading;

“…when diagnosed accurately, various therapies and drugs can help; treatment needs to begin early to prevent development of complications…” 

Again, this comma checker comes packed with several features that are integral in the production of optimized content. These include punctuation checker, grammar checker, spelling checker, and many more. Therefore, it suits anyone who wants to enhance their writing in general.

You can utilize this tool as a browser extension in Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. But if you want to reduce the workload, you can integrate it with Google Docs, WordPress, MS Word or Gmail and get your comma errors highlighted as you type.

Before you execute the correction suggestions, you can view the explanations and tips Grammarly offers on each mistake, as a way of learning and becoming a better writer.

Key Features

  • Built-in plagiarism – helps you produce unique content by highlighting plagiarized sections. This feature is present in premium versions only.
  • Browser extension free version – no limit on the number of characters one can check. Unpaid subscription detects limited grammatical errors, though.
  • Tone detection – Grammarly performs punctuation and word phrase analysis to determine writing tone. As a result, you can know whether you sound optimistic, anxious, confident and so on.


  • Highly accurate checker outranking all the comma splice tools
  • Includes extra features such as professional proofreading that boosts content quality


  • Grammarly may cause false alerts with symbols since they are not supported.
  • The free version lacks advanced features that limit its scope of picking splices and other errors.


You can utilize this feature-packed tool for free or choose a paid plan. The premium version costs $29.95 per month. But you can still spend less with the annual premium plan that comes at $139.95.

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2. Ginger Software

For writers working with multiple languages, Ginger comma splice checker would be their best companion.

As a blogger, you can comfortably write in one language then use Ginger to translate and apply commas appropriately.

For instance, you can write in French without minding comma usage and let this powerful tool Ginger it up, as shown below.

“Suite à sa deuxième dose, elle a développé une fièvre de plus de 100 degrés, a consulté un médecin, elle était restée debout sans aucun signe de faiblesse”

If you want to translate the French phrase to English, Ginger will work it out placing the commas at the required sections in this manner;

“…Following her second dose, she developed a fever of more 100 degrees and sought medical attention. Previously, she had been up and about without any signs of weakness…”

Apart from correcting punctuation errors, the tool also identifies and corrects style mistakes, misspells, as well as poor sentence structure.

Available both as a free and paid subscription, you can use this tool to bring the best out of your writing. However, you can only check a maximum of 350 characters in the unpaid version.

Use Ginger Software in both desktop and mobile device as a quick fix to errors in MS Word documents, social media posts, emails and SMSs.

Key Features

  • Translator- supporting over 40 languages, the checker can excellently translate content to another language with the appropriate comma placement.
  • Text-to-Speech – this feature enables the learner to develop wholly by demonstrating word pronunciation while giving their meanings.
  • Intuitive interface- the user interface is customizable as you can change font size, style and many display features to fit your preference.


  • A personal trainer that provides customized training to users for better performance.
  • Fast and effective grammar together with spelling checks
  • Gives word rephrasing as a way of eliminating splices and improving content quality by reducing redundancy.


  • Lacks an in-built plagiarism checker
  • May only detect half of the comma and other punctuation errors in some instances.


The free version is only suitable for brief texts likes SMSs due to its word count limit. For the premium version, you can choose the monthly package, which costs $20.97 or annual plan coming at $89.88.

3. ProWritingAid

For writers, both academic and fictional, this is the best comma splice checker. Its highly-efficient algorithm will make it your favorite on the first use.

ProWritingAid can detect even the slightest of comma errors while checking on grammar and apostrophe too. It will pick all run-on sentences to give reader-friendly content.

For example, on one of the social media platforms, a US user gets such a response to her post “…You pay taxes, in return you receive public services and Europeans get better services than you, Americans, do.”

As a writer with an eye for comma usage, the owner of the post may wonder whether to give a well-thought reply or begin with correcting the punctuation. But with ProWritingAid comma splice checker, you can escape the shame of being criticized publicly over a small matter like a comma.

The above phrase would read: “You pay taxes and in return, you receive public services. Europeans receive better services than you, Americans, do…”

The free version of this effective tool reduces basic comma and general writing errors, thereby enhancing content quality even with manuscripts.

Overall, it gives 20 detailed reports on various aspects such as passive voice, sentence structure or complexity, among others to ensure you produce quality material.

Its plagiarism checker will also tell you the authenticity of your content even as you do away with the comma splices.

Key Features

  • Detailed reports – Giving over 20 fine-detailed reports, it allows for correction of comma splices and consequently validates your overall writing quality.
  • In-depth readability analysis – makes your content more reader-friendly.


  • Examines content from all editing viewpoints and allows you to edit systematically.
  • Contextual inbuilt word explorer for field-specific vocabulary
  • Helps make content more precise by highlighting repeated phrases or words


  • Navigating the features and errors may be an uphill task for new users.
  • Low accuracy in detecting plagiarism
  • Some reports may not serve the purpose due to their technicality.


With a good value for money, ProWritingAid monthly plan will cost you $20 while the annual plan costs $70.  A one-time purchase option is also available at $299.

4. WhiteSmoke

Anyone looking for a cost-friendly comma splice checker, the WhiteSmoke got your back.

Whether you are working with Windows, Mac, Gmail or MS Word, this efficient tool will detect comma splices and offer suggestions to make your text as flawless as possible.

For example, instead of having a clause that reads; “My club has won the last five games, they are likely to lift the trophy this season.”, WhiteSmoke will eliminate the splice and construct a more coherent sentence.

“My club has won the last five games, therefore, they are likely to lift the trophy this season.”… will be the final phrase.

Apart from comma splice checking, this tool also gauges word spellings and writing style as it gives a holistic approach to content development.

Coming with more than 100 pre-built email and CV templates, WhiteSmoke will help you land your dream job effortlessly.

Again, the tool includes a translator tool and a plagiarism checker to help you translate and check plagiarism in your document. Therefore, if you’re still hunting for the best comma splice checker, WhiteSmoke will give you your value for money.

Key Features

  • Natural Language Processing technology – uses artificial intelligence and the latest algorithms to analyze comma placement in relation to texts within your documents. It then offers suggestions to correct the splices and other mistakes.
  • Tutorials –  offers extra explanations through video tutorials to help you understand why the comma splices should be removed and how to replace them.


  • Gives authentic and enjoyable content courtesy of the precise plagiarism and style checker
  • Provides tips on how to develop general writing skills.


  • False positives are common with the grammar checking component of this tool.


The tool is priced at $6.66 pm, per user. Though it offers a free trial, WhiteSmokedoesn’t have any free version.

5. After The Deadline

After The Deadline is the tool of choice for web developers searching for a free comma splice checker.  Do not be cheated for lack of a price tag; this checker guarantees you an error-free content.

You may not believe my words, but you can’t deny the efficiency of this powerful tool. We tried it with the phrase; “The flowers smell nicely, they scented the whole room.”  And After The Deadline gave an accurate answer which read: “The flowers smell nicely. They scented the whole room.”

This tool comes with additional features that will help you fix misspells, contextual errors and sentence formation discrepancies. It also keeps your writing style in check by offering the appropriate style suggestions. The spelling suggestions are marked in red, the style issues marked blue, and the grammatical corrections marked green.

Since this comma splice checker uses an open-source code, developers can take advantage of this and embed it in any web application as a strategy of enhancing text quality on the site.

It uses natural language and artificial intelligence technology to detect comma splices and other writing mistakes. The After The Deadline checker then gives suggestions for correcting the errors helping you to flawless content.

For personal use, you can utilize the online version of the tool without incurring any charges while commercial purposes require a download of the software. Available as WordPress plugin, add-on and extension for several platforms making your editing work much easier despite the platform.


  • Open-source technology – the tool uses natural language and artificial intelligence tech to find the various writing errors then offer suggestions.
  • Wide integration  – available on WordPress, plugins, libraries, extensions, and add-ons for a variety of platforms.


  • Multiple uses – ideal for adding style and checking grammar and spellings.
  • Simple to use – paste the word document into the box then click on “Check Writing” and you’re good to go.


  • The tool neither has a plagiarism detector nor a mobile app.
  • The system not up-to-date and may leave some errors undetected.


The downloads and demonstration page of this tool are completely free. You won’t find any option on the tool’s site asking for your credit card info.

6. Garretson’s Punctuation Checker

This minimalist tool is one of the best comma splice checkers that come in handy when you don’t want to install or download any extension.

It’s more suitable for academic purposes than online publishing. More to this, the tool is simple to use; copy and paste your text in the checker, and the punctuation and grammar errors will be detected.


  • Text measurement – It comes with different text measurements and will display; the total number of words and commas in a text. It will also show the average words per sentence.
  • Justifications – Offers justifications by comparing the text with the basic writing standards.
  • Besides checking for grammar, the tool will also check for sentence structure, spelling, and other punctuation errors.
  • Offers guidelines on Orthography, Vocabulary, and writing style


  • Garretson’s is a free and simple-to-use tool that does a very decent comma splice checking job.
  • Preferable for academic writings.


  • it Has a word limit of 10,000.


This exclusive tool is a free online comma splice checker. Therefore, it will not request payment details.

Final Thoughts

Generally, a comma splice checker adds value to a text by increasing the sentence diversity and removing unnecessary punctuation. The tools mentioned above will meet your needs, whether you are a professional, a blogger, a student, or a learner.

There is no wrong in having all the six checkers. But if you want a single stone for killing all the comma splices birds, then no tool beats Grammarly.

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