Best Apostrophe Checker (7 Online Tools For Quick Fixes!)

With the ability to alter the meaning of a word or a sentence, apostrophes must be used correctly by teachers and students alike.

But what if you are not sure how or where to place one? The likes of got you covered.

Whether you are a student, teacher, an English learner, or an expert, you can now check and rectify any apostrophe errors in your write-up using the best online software discussed below.

What is the Best Apostrophe Checker?

Here are my top picks for the best apostrophe checker to use this year.

1. Grammarly

For students and professionals, Grammarly is the best apostrophe checker ever developed.

Bloggers can also use the tool to enhance their language command and build greater trust with their readers.

Grammarly’s apostrophe checker stands out with its highly versatile integration feature. It works seamlessly in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, and WordPress. So as you write on any of these platforms, your punctuation will be continuously kept in check.

You can also install it as an extension for various browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Besides identifying the mistakes, this handy apostrophe tool gives instant correction suggestions alongside explanations to help you polish your skills.

If you are not only unsure of punctuation accuracy but also about plagiarism mistakes, Grammarly clears your doubts with its built-in Plagiarism checker at no extra cost.

Key Features:

  • Two versions – available in free and premium versions, learners can use the former to correct basic grammatical errors.
  • Tone detection- Combining punctuation and other language elements, Grammarly can determine your writing tone, which can be friendly, anxious, confident, and many more.


  • Additional plagiarism checker in the premium version
  • Gives sentence structure recommendations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent spell checker function


  • Slow performance when used as Microsoft add-in.
  • Limited features in the free version which leaves several errors uncorrected
  • Does not recognize symbols thereby causing false correction alerts


For advanced checks, you can subscribe to the premium version starting at $11.66 per month compounded annually or use the free version for basic grammar.

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2. ProWritingAid

For writers looking for an apostrophe checker with a more in-depth focus on writing style, this is a handy tool.

Designed with the general aim of turning writers into language masters, ProWritingAid comes with additional advanced features for checking grammar, spelling, and style.

Once you upload your text for evaluation, the tool generates 20 reports on the various aspects of language. You can open each separately and execute the suggestions. For apostrophe application, the detailed information helps you learn more and enhance your skills.

Besides polishing your mastery on the use of the punctuation mark, it detects clichés and corrects sentence structures ensuring you deliver top-notch content.

Key Features

  • Detailed analysis- A feature that ensures you produce error-free content.
  • Intensive reporting- provides in-depth reports to help writers perfect on punctuation.


  • Checks grammar, punctuation and spelling contextually
  • Generates detailed reports for better performance
  • Provides style suggestions depending on the context
  • Works well Scrivener which is a word processor program


  • Limited plagiarism checks
  • Analysis speed is low, especially with large documents.


The annual subscription plan costs $70, but you can also buy the software and forget about any other charges at $299.

3. Ginger Software

As a writer dealing with multiple dialects, Ginger would be your favorite apostrophe checker. It supports more than 20 languages, so you can write and translate, keeping your punctuation at par.

Similar to Grammarly, it is available in both free and paid subscriptions. It corrects all the apostrophe errors, but the free version can check punctuation in only 350 words.

As a Chrome plugin, the checker allows you to copy and paste content for evaluation of apostrophe usage. The software gives appropriate suggestions for any error detected. Also, it checks for other grammar mistakes, including spelling and sentence structures.

For use on mobile devices, you can install the Ginger app from Google Play or Apple App store as a quick fix to punctuation errors in text messages, emails and any other post.

While it works well with Microsoft Word, it is not supported by Google Docs.

Key Features

  • Content customization- allows you to change text features such as font style and colour even as you correct your punctuation.
  • Multi-lingual – supporting around 60 languages in the premium version, you can translate content to different dialects with excellent apostrophe application.


  • Comes with terrific grammar and spelling tools for improving writing skills.
  • Supports multiple language translations
  • The paid subscription comes with a ‘personal trainer’ that provides customized training for enhanced mastery.
  • Mobile proofreader that allows users to check documents even on the go.


  • Does not detect plagiarism in sentences
  • Free Chrome extension version works slowly and inconsistently omitting several errors.


Ginger’s Annual plan costs $89.88 while the monthly plan costs $29.96.

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is the tool of choice for anyone looking for an affordable apostrophe checker.

The free version is only suitable for checking apostrophe misuse in short texts such as social media posts or SMS due to its limited capacity of 250 characters.

On the other hand, premium versions support more word counts and have additional features like built-in plagiarism and style checkers. The first paid subscription will cost you $5 per month while the other monthly subscription goes at $6.66.

Works efficiently with Mac OS, MS Office, Windows, and all known web browsers. It detects mistakes, offers correction options, and gives video tutorials to help you punctuate better using the apostrophe in future writings.

Key Features

  • In-built document templates- coming with over 100 well-curated letter and document templates, the checker enables you to write in appropriate formats besides apostrophe corrections.
  • Enhanced explanation- WhiteSmoke ensures you learn the proper use of apostrophes by giving error clarifications inclusive of video tutorials.
  • Style checker – for a great piece of work, the checker blends punctuation and style corrections.


  • Offers video and text tutorials on writing top-quality content
  • Includes dictionary and translator for about 50 languages
  • Spell checker and style correction functions are present.
  • Premium subscriptions come with an additional plagiarism detector.


  • The desktop app supports only 10,000 characters.
  • Plagiarism detector is less effective in MS Word.


Two premium versions going at $5 and $6.6 per month.

5. PaperRater

PaperRater was developed with an eye for professionals who want fast apostrophe checks.

The tool generates punctuation results almost immediately after you upload your text. It uses a combination of data science and AI technologies to perform an in-depth analysis of your content and provide accurate results.

Unlike other apostrophe checkers, neither registration nor app installation is required for you to use PaperRater. This makes the tool a perfect companion for beating submission deadlines in emergencies.

Not only will it validate apostrophe errors, but it will also detect plagiarism, sentence structure, and advanced grammar issues, among others.

Key Features

  • Multiple-format support- supports check of documents with various formats such as doc, RTF, Txt, and Docx.
  • AI algorithm- featuring Grendel, PaperRater, gives varied suggestions on making your text error-free and more engaging.


  • Analyzes and rates your content quality making it easier to monitor progress in apostrophe mastery over time.
  • Includes exercises to help you boost your English skills
  • Comes with a plagiarism checker.


  • Checks English only
  • Reports cannot be exported
  • Low word count limit of 1500 per month for free version.


Using PaperRater will cost you $11.29 every month.

6. Hemingway App

If you want to improve your writing skills as a creative writer working with English, then you just spotted the gem.

The Hemmingway App refines language commands by putting more emphasis on more straightforward sentence formation even as it points out apostrophe errors.

The tool marks complex sentences with tags such as ‘very hard to read’ and ‘hard to read’ giving suggestions on how to make them more straightforward and more reader-friendly.

Therefore, Hemmingway Editor will serve you both as an apostrophe and grammar checker.

Key Features

  • Offline use- the desktop version of this tool can be used offline in both Windows and Mac to validate apostrophe use.
  • Active Voice- Hemmingway encourages the use of active voice and simple sentences to make content more engaging and readable.


  • No limit to word punctuations one can correct.
  • Allows distraction-free writing
  • Excellent apostrophe use evaluation


  • The online version does not support document importation or exportation.
  • Limited scope of evaluation


At only $19.99, you get the desktop version for life.

7. Language Tool

Language Tool supports several languages making it most suitable to writers dealing with multiple lingoes and in need of an open-source checker.

As a proofreader or an editor working with different dialects such as Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, English, among others, you will find this software quite handy with its translation support for over 20 languages.

It comes with a customizable dictionary allowing you to add commonly used phrases with their apostrophes therein.

Available as an extension, you can integrate it with Firefox and Chrome browsers. The tool also supports Google Docs, MS Word and LibreOffice. Either way, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to run through your document while making corrections quickly.

Key Features

  • Robust free version-  the limit is 20,000 and 40,000 characters for ordinary and enterprise unpaid subscriptions respectively.
  • Personal directory- use this directory to locate those unique words you have been adding to the customizable dictionary.
  • Speed – work through your document faster, taking advantage of the Language Tool’s keyboard shortcuts.


  • Offers input from other users helping you manage apostrophes more effectively
  • The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Multi-lingual support with over 20 languages


  • Lacks plagiarism checker
  • Not suitable for advanced analysis as it does not support human reviews


Starting at $19 per month, you get access to the premium versions.

Final Words

With apostrophe checkers, punctuating sentences has become hassle-free. As discussed above, these tools have different capabilities that make them suit various groups of individuals.

However, for optimal accuracy and conciseness in using an apostrophe, the premium version of Grammarly would be the most efficient for any blogger, professional, student, or learner.

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